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Hi I am Scotty and I started my dread journey on July 29, 2012, when, over the course of six days, three friends took turns to back comb my curly hair into 52 locks. Backcombing took about 9 hours, or like 18 people hours. Backcombing HURT! After backcombing, we put a light waxing and a rubber band on each dread to help them hold their place and palm rolled them.

The following week I headed out into the wilderness for 12 days to lead a canoeing trip with incoming college freshmen. I probably only palm rolled my dreads twice for these two weeks. Once we got back from this trip I was so happy to wash my dreads out, and clean my scalp from the sunburn I had received.

Be sure to follow my dreadlock journey!


  1. Hello!
    Wow I see your dreads are really coming together. My dreads took a while to form too. My dreads are currently 2 years and 8 months old. You should continue sharing your journey it can inspire a lot of people. I’m looking forward to more posts.


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