How To Dread

create dreadlocks in your hair

Dreadlocks are a mat of hair created by a bunch of knots. This can be done completely naturally by putting your comb in the garbage. The natural method does not work with all hair so you may have to help the process along by doing Twist and Rip or backcombing. Creating dreadlocks with methods such […]

Dread Care

how to wash and maintain your dreadlocks

So you want awesome looking dreadlocks, right? I know I do! If choosing the method to put in your locks isn’t confusing enough, everybody seems to have different methods to maintain their dreadlocks to keep them looking at their best. I’ve seen natural dreadlocks that have had only been washed and separated, and dreads which […]

Dreadlock Questions and Answers


I receive a lot of complements about my dreadlocks, but I also get a ton of questions and misconceptions about them. Some are super crazy, and I’ve included them for your enjoyment. The most frequently is when people ask how I wash them, I have always wanted to reply with a shocked expression on my […]

Dread Wax

dreadlock wax

A few days short of the one month mark, I tucked all of the loose ends in and pulled the tips up into the dreadlocks. I applied a light waxing to the dreads on the back of my head. A few days after I decided that I wasn’t going to use any more wax and […]

My Journey So Far

My dreadlock journey so far

Check out my dreadlock journey!

About Scotty

dreadful scotty

Hi I am Scotty and I started my dread journey on July 29, 2012, when, over the course of six days, three friends took turns to back comb my curly hair into 52 locks. Backcombing took about 9 hours, or like 18 people hours. Backcombing HURT! After backcombing, we put a light waxing and a […]