Baby Dreadlocks!

This morning I woke up and washed my hair with the special dreadlock shampoo from DreadheadHQ. The soap is supposed to be residue free so nothing starts to grow inside of my future dreadies (gross!). I also sprayed a fair amount of “Locking Accelerator” which helps dry out the hair and lock up.

After church Mercy sectioned my hair into perfectly even squares. They look like mini pony tails all over my head. Seriously though, I’m not sure how they ended up so wonderfully sized! After lunch Mercy and her sister, Kiwi, started to backcomb my hair.

After backcombing each section into a dread we lightly waxed and palm rolled them.

Even though the few that are done are sticking straight out making me look like I was electrocuted or something, I love how they are turning out!

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