My Dreadlocks Are 5 Months Old!

5 month old dreads

My dreadlocks are getting much more solid and a bunch of the loose friz is getting sucked into the dreads. Most of the mess is from the ends of the shorter dreadlocks that sit on top of my head. My front dreadies are about half an inch longer than when I started (I didn’t measure […]

Close Up Video of Dreadlocks

CSPOONYS placed a 100x zoom lens on an iPhone and took a video of their dreadlocks. The result is pretty neat!

My Dreadlocks Are 4 Months and 2 Weeks Old!

my dreadlocks are 4 months and 2 weeks old

My dreads are starting to come together a little better now! I have also been working on separating a lot of the congos that were forming.

My Dreadlocks Are 4 Months Old!

Scotty's 4 Month Old Dreads

My dreadlocks are now progressing slower than the first few months, but they are getting tighter and some of the friz is finding their homes and they are finally WAX FREE (which should help a lot)! Over the last few days I have added to the backcombing on my dreads where they had mostly fallen […]

Fresh Snow!

almost 4 month old dreadlocks in the snow

We got a nice fresh dusting of snow today, also my dreadlocks are almost 4 months old!

Review of Wax B-Gone

wax b-gone for dreadlocks

It doesn’t take reading too many of my posts before you run across one where I talk about how I used wax in my dreadlocks to get them started. Well, ever since I found the month old wax all up in my locks I have been trying to remove it! I have used Dawn dish […]