My Dreadlocks Are 1 Year Old!

Scotty's dreadlocks are 1 year old!

Today marks my dreadlock’s cake day! They were born 1 year ago on July 29th 2012. My dreadlocks have matured quite a bit, however they’ve really started to come together well in the last 2 months. Not to mention they’ve also grown a bit too!

No! Not the Velcro!

This past week my dreadlocks had a run in with the Velcro on my raincoat and it was had a terrible encounter! No real damage was done but it was not enjoyable unsticking my dreadlocks from my coat. Haha! I’m going to try to replace the Velcro with either snaps or toggles. Until then, I’ll […]

My Dreadlocks Are 5 Months and 19 Days Old!

Scotty's dreads are 5 months and 19 days old

Now that winter is in full swing I have been much less active and spend more time indoors which tends to keep my dreadlocks slightly cleaner. Because of that I have switched to washing every 3 or 4 days. A bunch of the ends have been blunting themselves since the 5 month mark creating less […]

Fresh Snow!

almost 4 month old dreadlocks in the snow

We got a nice fresh dusting of snow today, also my dreadlocks are almost 4 months old!

Review of Dreadlock Shampoo’s Lockin’ Up Liquid Shampoo

Dreadlock Shampoo Lockin Up

Okay guys, this shampoo is awesome! There is no need to read the rest of this review, just order some Lockin’ Up shampoo and use it! How I have Been Washing: Cool, you decided to stick around and read the rest of my review. I have been using DreadHeadHQ’s “Dread Soap” up until now. My […]

How My Dreadlocks Are Changing Me

I can be hyper worried about every little thing my dreadlocks are doing. They’re flattening, looping, zig-zagging, bumping, lumping, and balling. It’s crazy! My understanding of dreadlocks has been these symmetrical ropes where each one is exactly the same and had to have super blunt tips. These pictures of super ugly ones that people keep […]