Dread Care

how to wash and maintain your dreadlocks

So you want awesome looking dreadlocks, right? I know I do! If choosing the method to put in your locks isn’t confusing enough, everybody seems to have different methods to maintain their dreadlocks to keep them looking at their best. I’ve seen natural dreadlocks that have had only been washed and separated, and dreads which […]

About Scotty

dreadful scotty

Hi I am Scotty and I started my dread journey on July 29, 2012, when, over the course of six days, three friends took turns to back comb my curly hair into 52 locks. Backcombing took about 9 hours, or like 18 people hours. Backcombing HURT! After backcombing, we put a light waxing and a […]

My Dreads Are Full Of Nasty Old Wax


(If it’s not already gross enough for you, click on the photo to see full resolution) Update: See my information about dread wax. I have been Twist-and-Ripping the ends of my dreadlocks that have come undone. In the process, I’ve been finding month and a half old dirt collected in wax. Not just inside the […]

My Dreads Are 2 Months and 2 Weeks Old!


Last weekend a good friend and I camped near Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The trees were so colorful with their fall leaves and the weather kept switching between rain, snow, and sleet. I managed to get this picture during a short patch of sun which, although short lived, felt so good!

My Dreadlocks Are 22 Days Old!


Today Rach and I lead our students around the lake in a large canoe made for about 20 people.

My Dreadlocks Are 14 Days Old


What a great day! We had a hard paddle after finding that each and every campsite was taken, but we landed upon this quaint island mid-afternoon. Tomorrow we will take a break from traveling and go for a swim in the super clear water and do a day trip to an even smaller island for […]