My Dreadlocks Are 12 Days Old


I canoed with my students to a spectacular view in the Boundary Waters known as Thunder Point.

Sleeping is Uncomfortable

I hardly got any sleep last night since my new dreadlocks feel like ropes under my head. When I looked in the mirror, my dreads were flat where I slept on them. A little palm rolling after my shower fixed that problem though! I probably just need to get over this unfamiliarity and then I’ll […]

My Campers

camp students

Okay, I know what you’re thinking… And you are right, this is supposed to be a blog with stories about my dreadlocks. And yes, I have another place where I place the little details of my life that nobody is interested in. But I will occasionally post here about other things that are important to […]

The Beginning of a Journey!


Last night I was enjoying conversation with a few friends, like we do most nights now. Tonight however it was chilly outside so we met inside to enjoy warmth of a fire. We talked about the campers we would be leading through the wilderness in a few weeks, about photography, and the “camp legends” who […]