Review: Dread Wraps from Cows Have Best Friends

The dread wrap in my hair

A few months ago I talked with Jen, after hearing about her Etsy store, cowhavebestfriends, from a post on Reddit. She offered to send me one of her hand made dread wraps to test and give my feedback on. The following is my thoughts on the dread wrap I received.     I have had […]

Review of Wax B-Gone

wax b-gone for dreadlocks

It doesn’t take reading too many of my posts before you run across one where I talk about how I used wax in my dreadlocks to get them started. Well, ever since I found the month old wax all up in my locks I have been trying to remove it! I have used Dawn dish […]

Review of Dreadlock Shampoo’s Lockin’ Up Liquid Shampoo

Dreadlock Shampoo Lockin Up

Okay guys, this shampoo is awesome! There is no need to read the rest of this review, just order some Lockin’ Up shampoo and use it! How I have Been Washing: Cool, you decided to stick around and read the rest of my review. I have been using DreadHeadHQ’s “Dread Soap” up until now. My […]