My Dreadlocks Are 1 Year Old!

Scotty's dreadlocks are 1 year old!

Today marks my dreadlock’s cake day! They were born 1 year ago on July 29th 2012. My dreadlocks have matured quite a bit, however they’ve really started to come together well in the last 2 months. Not to mention they’ve also grown a bit too!

No! Not the Velcro!

This past week my dreadlocks had a run in with the Velcro on my raincoat and it was had a terrible encounter! No real damage was done but it was not enjoyable unsticking my dreadlocks from my coat. Haha! I’m going to try to replace the Velcro with either snaps or toggles. Until then, I’ll […]

My Dreadlocks Are 10 Months Old!

3 month 3 week old dreadlocks after removing wax

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve updated you guys on my dread’s progress. They’ve been growing and tightening slowly but surely. I haven’t done anything to the roots (such as “root rubbing” or retwisting) and they have been dreading up all on their own (I’m proud of them, haha)! Most of the whispy […]

My Dreadlocks Are 6 Months Old!

6 month old dreadlocks

Today is the day! My dreadlocks are finally 6 months old! I started dreading 6 months ago with the help of a few dedicated friends who spent hours backcombing my hair into poofy dreadlocks. Since then, my dreads have unraveled a bit and tangled back up with most of the sections forming into very solid […]

My Dreadlocks Are 5 Months and 19 Days Old!

Scotty's dreads are 5 months and 19 days old

Now that winter is in full swing I have been much less active and spend more time indoors which tends to keep my dreadlocks slightly cleaner. Because of that I have switched to washing every 3 or 4 days. A bunch of the ends have been blunting themselves since the 5 month mark creating less […]

My Dreadlocks Are 5 Months Old!

5 month old dreads

My dreadlocks are getting much more solid and a bunch of the loose friz is getting sucked into the dreads. Most of the mess is from the ends of the shorter dreadlocks that sit on top of my head. My front dreadies are about half an inch longer than when I started (I didn’t measure […]