My Dreadlocks Are 3 Months and 1 Week Old!

my dreadlocks are 3 months and 1 week old

I did another session of dewaxing with Wax B-Gone from Dreadlock Shampoo on Friday (3 days ago now). They felt a lot lighter afterwards. When I woke up this morning the ends were tangling with each other. I hope this means that they will dread up soon too! I also finally separated a congo that […]

My Dreadlocks Are 3 Months and 3 Days Old


A lot of the ends are unraveling, so I have been using rubber bands to hold them together until they lock up. So far that’s been working well, I just need to check them every few days to make sure they are not getting sucked into the dreads.   The rubber bands on the roots […]

My Dreadlocks Are 3 Months Old!


Woohoo! My dreadlocks are getting older! Some of the dreadies are getting super tight, and the ends are knotting up well after I switched to Dreadlocks Shampoo 2 weeks ago. I used to be so worried about how they looked or if they were progressing, but now I’m fine with letting them do their thing.

My Dreads Are Full Of Nasty Old Wax


(If it’s not already gross enough for you, click on the photo to see full resolution) Update: See my information about dread wax. I have been Twist-and-Ripping the ends of my dreadlocks that have come undone. In the process, I’ve been finding month and a half old dirt collected in wax. Not just inside the […]

My Dreads Are 2 Months and 2 Weeks Old!


Last weekend a good friend and I camped near Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The trees were so colorful with their fall leaves and the weather kept switching between rain, snow, and sleet. I managed to get this picture during a short patch of sun which, although short lived, felt so good!

My Dreads Are 2 Months and 1 Week Old


  There are a bunch of loose hairs this week, and the roots are trying to join together. The ends are keeping their curls. This feels like a battle.