My Dreads Are 2 Months Old


Most of the end have come untucked reforming paint brush like tips to the end of my dreadlocks. The loose hairs along the length of the dread are finding their homes and the roots seem to be dreading on their own.   A few locks are looking funky!   My roots are a complete mess […]

My Dreads Are 1 Month Old!


My dreads are 1 month old! All of the ends are pulled into the body of the dread, I hope they stay! The first month has gone by quicker than I expected.

My Dreadlocks Are 25 Days Old!


That’s right! My dreadlocks are 25 days old!

My Dreadlocks Are 24 Days Old


My Dreadlocks Are 22 Days Old!


Today Rach and I lead our students around the lake in a large canoe made for about 20 people.

My Dreadlocks Are 14 Days Old


What a great day! We had a hard paddle after finding that each and every campsite was taken, but we landed upon this quaint island mid-afternoon. Tomorrow we will take a break from traveling and go for a swim in the super clear water and do a day trip to an even smaller island for […]