My Dreadlocks Are 12 Days Old


I canoed with my students to a spectacular view in the Boundary Waters known as Thunder Point.

My Dreads Are 4 Days Old


We’re trucking through these mini-pony tails making them into baby dreadlocks! Nat helped out too and made her first dreadlock, and continued to make some more great ones! Thank you dread team! Oh, and I washed them this morning, which may have been a mistake because now there is a ton of loose hair…

My Dreads Are 2 Days Old!

New dreadlocks at 2 days

I’m still getting used to having dreadlocks, but it’s getting real! I was busy writing yesterday so we weren’t able to work on my dreads, but today we backcombed more of my hair into dreadlocks! It is kind of embarrassing walking around with pony tail sections waiting until they too are transformed into dreadlocks. Haha!

Baby Dreadlocks!


This morning I woke up and washed my hair with the special dreadlock shampoo from DreadheadHQ. The soap is supposed to be residue free so nothing starts to grow inside of my future dreadies (gross!). I also sprayed a fair amount of “Locking Accelerator” which helps dry out the hair and lock up. After church […]