How My Dreadlocks Are Changing Me

I can be hyper worried about every little thing my dreadlocks are doing. They’re flattening, looping, zig-zagging, bumping, lumping, and balling. It’s crazy!

My understanding of dreadlocks has been these symmetrical ropes where each one is exactly the same and had to have super blunt tips. These pictures of super ugly ones that people keep sharing on the internet must be from doing something wrong and not maintaining them properly. Surely I could do better! I thought natural dreadlock forums promoting no wax were a collection of weird hippies who loved natural stuff and hated any enterprise. Though, to some extent that may be still true. In my free time, I read every article DreadheadHQ had to offer. I bought the right stuff, did the right thing. But DreadheadHQ was wrong… dread wax is super nasty and stuck in my hair even after 1 month of not using wax (update: still in even after 2 months). Maybe it was just me, maybe it needed more time to get out. But something started to changed in me. I felt better physically not having my pores clogged up with wax. DreadheadHQ taught me to be disappointed in hair that does not conform to the will of the dreadhead sporting it, but I started to see my own dreads in their own uniqueness. And I LOVE IT! Now, that’s not to say I hate dreadlocks started with wax. I acknowledge that not everyone who has used dread wax necessarily has it stuck in their hair. And even today I am still willing to spending money to get the results I want with my hair.

But that’s not really the point: dreadlocks have changed me, I am okay with wispy tips, loops, bunches, and well anything else that comes my dreadlock’s way. Like it or not, it is all a part of my dreadlock journey.

Take a look at the collection of dreadlocks on Pinterest that all look different but great!


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