My Campers

camp studentsOkay, I know what you’re thinking… And you are right, this is supposed to be a blog with stories about my dreadlocks. And yes, I have another place where I place the little details of my life that nobody is interested in. But I will occasionally post here about other things that are important to me. This is one of those times.

My campers arrived in the afternoon on July 2nd. Early the next morning my co-counselor, 8 students, and I left camp with 9 days worth of food, and 5 double sea kayaks. We spent the first half of the wilderness trip navigating a chain of lakes for a few days and we finished the trip pretty chill sipping on Mtn. Dew (which we surprised our campers with), and traveling in our kayaks around a small island in Lake Superior.

It is great to be out in these awesome wonders again.

Soon my group will splitting, some of the students will be going to Minneapolis with me to serve in a neighborhood where a tornado had gone through about a year ago. The others (including my co-counselor) will be serving at a local project.

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