My Dreadlocks Are 6 Months Old!

Today is the day! My dreadlocks are finally 6 months old!

6 month old dreadlocks

I started dreading 6 months ago with the help of a few dedicated friends who spent hours backcombing my hair into poofy dreadlocks. Since then, my dreads have unraveled a bit and tangled back up with most of the sections forming into very solid knots.


The loops are mostly gone

The same dreadlock at 6 months


long arrow pointing to right


3 Months

4 month old dreadlocks view from the side

4 months

side view of my dreadlocks

6 Months



Now that I have seen this progress, I realize there is not point in worrying if my dreadlocks will turnout fine!

Another huge change is that I am no longer using dread wax. During my second month I found that the wax was collecting dirt and gooing out of the ends of my dreadlocks so I cleaned my dreadlocks out with Dawn dish soap and Wax B-Gone. It was definitely a bad idea to use it in the first place, but all of the dread wax came out in the end.

I still separate my dreadlocks after washing them (I wash twice a week now that it is Winter) which has been paying off and allowing the hair near the roots to dread up close to my scalp.

They are also getting much tighter and some locks have grown about an inch or so since I started dreading!


  1. Hey,
    maybe it is just coincidence on that pictures of yours, but just when I saw your fotos I thought that you and me look quite similar (just i have longer and older dreads and round glasses and no beard ;-)). If you reply to my email adress i can send you a picture, if you like

    • DreadfulScotty says:

      Wow! That’s pretty crazy! I’d love to see your dreadlocks (and how much we look alike, haha)!

      I tried sending an email to you but I get this message: “mailbox unavailable”. Can you send an email directly to me? It’s admin at this domain.

      How did you start your dreadlocks?

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