Review: Dread Wraps from Cows Have Best Friends

A few months ago I talked with Jen, after hearing about her Etsy store, cowhavebestfriends, from a post on Reddit.

She offered to send me one of her hand made dread wraps to test and give my feedback on. The following is my thoughts on the dread wrap I received.


My dreadlocks pulled back

Ah yes! Up and out of the way, thanks to the dread wrap!


colorful dread wrap

This little guy is seriously awesome!

I have had just over a month to use it and honestly I’ve got to say, there’s not a whole lot I would change!

Previously, I have used headbands, however they were never tight enough, and rubber bands have always been too tight and would snag hairs while taking them off. The dread wraps work much like a giant twist-tie would; you pull your hair back and wrap the dread wrap around dreadlocks to secure them. It works great whether you like your dreadies back in a pony tail or up like a pineapple.

The dread wrap in my hair

Tying my dreads back

To test the durability I took this new hardware on a camping trip traveling over 60 miles by canoe. When it got hot out or I had something to do (cooking) the dread wrap was the first

thing to come out. It became so comfortable that I started tying my dreads up at that start of the day and left them up until I went to bed. The internal wire is pliable enough to quickly twist around a bundle of dreadlocks but firm enough not to move for an entire day. To boot, the wrap itself is made out of entirely recyclable materials!

Needless to say, I will be placing an order for a few more soon for both myself and as gifts for a few dready friends!

Check out the collection for sale, and if you can’t find a length or colors that match your style Jen can make you a custom wrap too, just ask!


  1. please post more often :) i love this blog

    • DreadfulScotty says:

      Awe shucks! Thank you! Now that my dreadlocks are more mature there isn’t as much change as there used to be. Instead of boring you with updates every week or month, I plan to keep you guys updated every 3-4 months so check back in January! In the meantime I try to keep Pinterest updated:

      See you around!

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