Review of Dreadlock Shampoo’s Lockin’ Up Liquid Shampoo

Dreadlock Shampoo Lockin Up

Dreadlock Shampoo’s Lockin’ Up Shampoo

Okay guys, this shampoo is awesome! There is no need to read the rest of this review, just order some Lockin’ Up shampoo and use it!

How I have Been Washing:

Cool, you decided to stick around and read the rest of my review. I have been using DreadHeadHQ’s “Dread Soap” up until now. My scalp has been itchy since having dreadlocks which has been no fun but I have been assuming my scalp just needed a little time to get used to the pushing and pulling of hairs, and the dryness of my hair and scalp caused by the difference in shampoo.

Enter in the Lockin’ Up shampoo:

After the first wash the texture of my dreadlocks changed. My dreads feel soft but not like they are falling apart. I think the beer in the shampoo helps condition the dreadies making them awesome to touch! Two days after my last wash my head still feels great! Much less itching and I don’t have any areas on my scalp that are in constant pain.

Update – A Month Later:

It has been over a month since I have made the switch to Lockin’ Up shampoo. I have also been using Wax B-Gone from the company to take care of my “wax problem”. There is no build up of the shampoo in my dreads and they still feel light, tight, soft and overall great! Now that my dreadlocks are getting even tighter, my hair takes about 2 or 3 hours to dry depending on the day.

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