Review of Wax B-Gone

wax b-gone for dreadlocks

Wax B-Gone

It doesn’t take reading too many of my posts before you run across one where I talk about how I used wax in my dreadlocks to get them started. Well, ever since I found the month old wax all up in my locks I have been trying to remove it! I have used Dawn dish soap and hot water with some success. But I heard about Wax B-Gone from Dreadlock Shampoo and, despite the cost, figured I’d give it a try (to save a little money, you can combine shipping with their awesome shampoo too).

DreadheadHQ is offering a product called Waxx-Off that reportedly does the same thing, but I’m not sure how I feel about using another product from them to fix this…

I first applied Wax B-Gone last month after I received my order, and did a more thorough job of working the gloppy product into my dreads 2 weeks ago. After rinsing the Wax B-Gone out, my dreadlocks felt lighter. However today I wanted to apply it one more time just to make sure I got all of the wax out! Today the Wax B-Gone turned very sudsy in my hair, which I hope is a sign that my hair is clean of the wax and other oils! And my dreadlocks feel super clean after washing them with the product again.

It’s kinda hard to actually check inside my dreads to see if the Wax B-Gone does what it is supposed to do, but since I don’t have wax oozing from the end of my dreadlocks anymore I have high hopes that the Wax B-Gone works!

Update: I’ve received a few questions asking if my dreads unraveled after dewaxing. They’re pretty much the same maybe with a few more loose hairs now.

3 month 3 week old dreadlocks before removing wax

Before Removing Wax

3 month 3 week old dreadlocks after removing wax

After Removing Wax

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