The Beginning of a Journey!


Last night I was enjoying conversation with a few friends, like we do most nights now. Tonight however it was chilly outside so we met inside to enjoy warmth of a fire. We talked about the campers we would be leading through the wilderness in a few weeks, about photography, and the “camp legends” who were said to have created miles of trails which weaved through the forests, and built the camp buildings with only their two hands. Eventually the topic changed to our friends who were not working at camp this year. I mentioned that one of those friends, Amber, had amazing dreadlocks and I have been totally jealous since she started them years ago. Little did I know, Mercy, one of the people in the room, had started her dreads!

I half jokingly asked Mercy if she would help start dreadlocks in my hair, and to my surprise she was excited to!

I get my campers on July 2nd so we won’t be able to get started on the dreading process until after the camp session. But that is fine with me. I am excited for my campers!

Note: I have changed names for privacy.

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